It’s an efficient process to manage a large contingent workforce. When an organization engages a large number of temporary employees, they may be unprepared for the burdensome and complex task of managing them.
Often, companies have neither the technology nor the bandwidth to train, manage and assess these workers.
An MSP provides overall program management, reporting and tracking, supplier selection and management, order distribution and consolidated billing, allowing you to focus on your other priorities.

What can a technical MSP provider do for you?

Reduce Costs

Increase Visibility

Ensure Compliance

Where Agileeyi fits in

Agileeyi maintains a cadre of vendors to supply all disciplines throughout the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. MSPs that partner with specialized staffing firms are able to fill positions with very specific requirements much quicker, with better-fit talent. We manage the process.

Your partner in success

The most successful MSP programs are those that partner with staffing agencies that understand the process, have experience with the system and understand the nuances in the MSP relationship. That’s where Agileeyi comes in – we have built a unique engineering managed service program process to alleviate the recruiting pain points that arise when recruiting talent, and it’s custom designed for your needs.

Consider this option if:

  • You have multiple vendors engaged in the recruiting and employment of temporary staff.
  • You want to approve and track spending in an organized fashion.
  • You need standardized contracts and compliance monitoring at a low administrative overhead for you.
  • You want to ensure vendor performance.
  • Reliability and timeliness of recruiting are paramount to satisfying your business growth and/or customer needs.
  • Integration into your existing systems would reduce hiring manager and human resources administrative burdens.
  • Your annual staffing spend volume exceeds 4 million (an MSP is also an appropriate solution for staffing spend levels of 100 million or more).

More bespoke options:

  • Agileeyi also has the expertise to manage SOW – spend that is currently going to project management companies – to make sure you are using the most efficient model for all of your project needs.
  • Agileeyi will manage other relationships, too; for example, if we recognize the need for an on-site recruiting resource, we will find a partner that can fill the need.
  • If your current MSP provider isn’t having success on your technical requirements, Agileeyi can work closely with your current vendor and “carve out” an MSP for technical requirements only.
  • For smaller programs, we can pair a staffing relationship with services typical of an MSP, such as partnering with another vendor to fill needs outside of Agileeyi areas of expertise.

Let us evaluate your company and needs, so we can recommend the right solution for you.

Request a custom solutions consultation.